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Picture of Rebecca Wakefield, founder and CEO fo midnight bakers club

Welcome to Midnight Bakers Club! 

We offer premium quality, gourmet cake mix kits that allow you to easily make bakery quality cakes at home. Made with simple, wholesome ingredients, our cakes rival a professional baker's and with your homemade touch, yours will taste even better. 

Hi I’m Becca!

I'm the founder of Midnight Bakers Club. About a year ago while making a cake for a friend’s birthday, I found myself wishing there was an easier way to make a homemade cake without compromising taste or quality.

Making a cake from scratch is a lot of work and premium ingredients are not easy to find. Buying a cake mix is a lot easier, but all the cake mixes on the market are full of artificial flavours and preservatives; more importantly, they’re not that good.

So I set out to fix that! Working with product developers, bakers and the pickiest of cake eaters, I am pleased to present to you a delicious cake mix that is full of premium and responsibly sourced ingredients, is easy to make and tastes delicious! 

Questions, comments, feedback or just want to say hello? Send me a message!

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