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Pure Vanilla Bean Powder

About the Pure Ground Vanilla Beans

Our Ground Vanilla Bean Powder is made from whole Grade-A vanilla beans that are ground to a fine powder. Compared to vanilla extract, which is made by soaking vanilla beans in alcohol, Ground Vanilla Bean Powder provides a much more robust and complex flavour since you are eating the actual vanilla bean pod. You can taste, smell and see the difference that this premium ingredient creates.

Our vanilla is sourced directly from small family farms in Northern Madagascar

Large producers and distributors dominate the vanilla market, making it difficult for small farmers to gain a foothold in the international market. We work with a local small business that works to bridge the gap between Canada and these small vanilla farms. By developing a direct connection with our vanilla farmers, we can ensure that the vanilla is grown and purchased at a higher standard than traditional fair trade.

Did you know that Vanilla is the only orchid to produce edible fruit!

The Vanilla plant is an orchid and an epiphyte. Epiphytes are plants that grow off of other plants and tree trunks rather than from the soil and draw their nutrients from the air.

Growing vanilla is an art form with a slow meticulous process. Each vanilla bean is planted and germinated by hand. Vanilla farmers are experts in their craft and know exactly when to harvest the bean pods for maximum flavour. After harvest, the pods are dipped in hot water to halt photosynthesis. An expert farmer can assess the proper water temperature by feel, and knows how long to dip each bean.

After scalding, beans are kept warm under blankets for three days as they turn from green to black. This heat is important for flavour development. The beans are then slowly dried in the sun on bamboo trays. Beans are only dried for a few hours at a time before they are rolled back into the blankets to keep their warmth. If they get cold, the enzymatic process stops. The slower the beans dry, the better they develop their flavour.

The cured vanilla beans are then stored and ground to a fine powder shortly before they are delivered to us for your cake mix. This ensures the vanilla in the cakes we offer is never more than a few months old, creating a robust, fresh vanilla flavour and unparalleled experience.

Try this premium pure vanilla bean powder in the vanilla cake mix!

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