Vanilla / Confetti Cake Mix Kit

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Bursting with vanilla flavour, this is the perfect cake for any occasion. It’s made with freshly ground pure vanilla beans, creating an unparalleled vanilla experience. 

Add sprinkles into the batter for a fun confetti cake variation or leave them out for a more sophisticated look. 


Ingredient Highlight: Freshly ground Grade A Madagascar vanilla bean

♥ Sustainably grown and sourced directly from a single small family farm in Madagascar. The vanilla beans are freshly ground for each batch of mix, ensuring the freshest, most robust vanilla taste. 

♥ It’s super important to us to be supporting small farms and farmers. The vanilla industry is dominated by a few large suppliers, creating hurdles for small farms to reach an international market. We are proud to work with these farms and share their delicious vanilla with you. 

Cake Mix: Sugar, Flour, Vanilla Bean Powder, Baking Powder, Buttermilk Powder, Salt

Frosting: Icing Sugar, Vanilla Powder

1 C Milk*

2/3 C Oil

2 Eggs*

1 C Butter*

*or vegan substitute

Made Freshly ground Grade A Madagascar vanilla bean

Sustainably grown and responsibly sourced.

Included with Each Kit...

And like all of Midnight Bakers Club Products...

♥ Simple, wholesome recipes with no additives
♥ Easy instructions for baking and decorating
♥ Single use baking pans to ensure a successful bake and a beautiful finished product

Support Small Businesses

Our suppliers are small businesses too!

Made in Toronto

With internationally sourced ingredients

Satasfaction Guarenteed

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